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Equinox 2023


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Join us for a webinar with female experts to explore the powerful impact of the moon on our lives and how we can use its wisdom to our advantage. From its influence on our body and mind to its impact on our dreams and spirit, discover the many ways the lunar cycle can be an invaluable resource for women. Learn how to tap into the lunar cycle to better understand yourself and the world around you.

This webinar is designed specifically for women who are ready to tap into the profound teachings of the moon and harness its energy to create a life that they love.

Imagine being able to align your goals and intentions with the natural rhythm of the moon. By understanding the different lunar phases and their significance, you can cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and the universe. This webinar will guide you through this transformative journey, providing you with the knowledge and tools to harness the power of the moon.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to embrace the lunar wisdom within you. Take action today and begin your transformative journey.


Meet your host

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Megan Mary helps women around the globe unlock their potential and find self-discovery through dream interpretation. As the founder of Women's Dream Analysis and host of the Women's Dream Enlightenment podcast, she offers her expertise on transforming personal growth one dream at a time. When she's not helping others solve their nighttime mysteries, Megan is living a mystical life in Idaho with her rockstar drummer husband and two cats.

Discover More About Megan Mary

Megan Mary

Harnessing the Power of Lunar Cycles for Dreamwork

Dive deep into the world of dreams. Explore the influence the lunar cycles have on our dreamscape. From quiet introspection to intense emotional energies, learn how the DreamMirror Method can help you pay attention to the themes, emotions, and symbols that emerge in your dreams to gain a deeper understanding of the connection between the celestial and the subconscious.




Jess Roe

Layer lifestyle, moon & menstrual cycles for well-being

Session 1

Jess is an Intuitive Health Mentor and Body Advocate who helps women reconnect with their bodies to intuitively take care of themselves. She bridges the physical & spiritual realms of self-care to help her clients craft a lifestyle that honors their unique needs - body, mind and soul - so they can balance work, family and life with ease and flow.



Ardeena Scott

The Moon and The Mirror: embracing lunar energy for self-reflection and self-enquiry

Session 1

Ardeena is a mentor, guide and breathwork coach for holographic transformation. She helps people to see the interconnectivity of patterns and events in their lives, inviting them to create changes in their quality and direction in life through understanding and knowing themselves deeply. Her offerings include long-term mentoring programs as a licensed consultant of The White Rabbit Reveals, as well as intuitive consults and readings, breathwork, and vibrational medicine. 

To find out more about working with Ardeena, please visit ardeenascott.com 


Bethany Nicole

Unveiling Black Moon Lilith: Tap Into Your Hidden Feminine Gifts

Session 1

Bethany is an author, astrologer, and relationship expert who helps clients in everything from first dates to soulmates. She works with individuals and couples to help them heal their relationship past and bring in their aligned relationship futures. She utilizes tarot, astrology, and intuition to guide clients in working with the universe to create the cosmic connections and love life they desire. 

Becca Rich

Ditching societies construct of time and team up with the moon

Session 1
Becca Rich is a visionary, cutting through the BS of the billion-dollar productivity industry creating a ripple effect with Holistic Time Management. She helps business owners and professionals team up with time so they can work less and live more.

As a trauma-sensitive, certified holistic coach with a background in engineering and mindfulness, she knows traditional time management is outdated and harmful. If you've been searching for a different way forward, Holistic Time Management™ is here to help you create a life of peace–at work, at home, and within.

Amanda Norr

Manifesting with the Moon for Abundance

Session 1

Amanda Norr is a Certified Moonologer TM , Healer, Intuitive, and International #1 Best-selling Author. Her mission is to connect with and guide others to find healing and Divine connection through working with the Moon. Amanda's card readings combine a unique blend of intuition and coaching that helps her clients unlock, integrate, and embody the divine guidance they receive. She also loves to work with herbs, oils, and crystals. Launched in 2022, 'Lunar Wisdom: Reconnecting with the Divine Feminine through Rituals, Spells, Magic, and the Phases of the Moon' is Amanda's first book.

Embrace Your
Lunar Wisdom

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Lisa Higgins

The Moon & Menstruality: Unleash The Cyclical Wisdom Inside

Session 2

Lisa is a menstrual cycle coach from Bali that teaching menstruality and how to harness the power of cyclical living to improve wellbeing, creativity and spirituality. The moon is integral to her work as she uses it as a cycle for women who aren't currently menstruating or as a deeper layer to the work. She helps women understand how our cycle energies change with the moon phases.



Cressida Pollack

Utilizing the Moon Cycle in Work and Life - Small Batch Skincare

Session 2

Dive deep with Cressida, the mastermind behind Australian Bondi's Stripey Horse Skin. At Stripey Horse Skin we honour every client as the unique being that they are. Cressida's passion for natural beauty was born from being a mother and the survivor of a profound autoimmune battle, she's sculpted a revolutionary path to natural radiance. Harnessing the power of ancient skin therapies, functional nutrition, holistic coaching, and potent energy healing, she reconnects you to nature's wisdom. Unlock the secrets of true luminosity; your most radiant skin awaits.

Denise Damijo

Giving Reverence to the Moon

Session 2

Denise Damijo is a Shamanic Integrative Wellness Educator and Coach. She educates people on health and wellness so they can integrate mind-body techniques, Shamanic practices, and complementary medicines into their holistic wellness journey.  She is the spiritual midwife who helps people to walk in power and confidence with an active and balanced voice so that they can birth something beautiful into the world this year.

Georgie Doherty

How to harness the energetics of the Dark Moon

Session 2

Founder of Lunar Life Events in Australia, Georgie is a Transformation Mastery Coach and Moonologer. She helps women shift from disempowerment to Self empowerment by tuning into their natural cycles and intuition, harnessing the energetics of the Lunar Cycles, and embracing their dark feminine shadow-selves. She brings women together through her virtual and in person lunar Life Events- A sacred and safe space for women to learn how to align their life and business with the Lunar Cycles and to connect and share from their true Selves.

She believes that, when we can learn to love and accept the hated and rejected parts of ourselves during the dark and challenging times, we can start to transform and heal our deepest wounds. 

Juliana Luna

Lunar Time & Space: The Memory of Water

Session 2



Ruth Fae

How to Use the Lunar Cycles to Bring Ease and Flow to your Creative Expression

Session 2

Founder of Fae Blood Publications in Austraila, Ruth Fae is an Intuitive Writing Coach and Editor, Bestselling Author and Chief Editor at the Women Writing Intentionally Collective. A believer in the unlimited potential of co-creation, she helps silenced voices be healed and heard through the powerful and timeless process of storytelling. Ruth works in energetic flow with authors to help them break through their writing blocks, express themselves with courage and confidence, release their stories from their heads and hearts, and share their magic with the world.

Embrace Your
Lunar Wisdom

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