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Women's Dream Empowerment Program

90 Days to Spiritual Transformation!

  • 12 Weekly Spiritual Coaching Check-ins using the Voxer App
  • 6 Dream Empowerment 60 minute Sessions:
    • Spiritual Guidance & Coaching: Raise Your Spiritual Intelligence & Intuition
    • Dream Decoding: Bring Your Dreams to Decode & Unlock Your Dream Language
    • Dream Integration: Experience Healing Modalities to Incorporate Your Dream Wisdom, Including Sound Frequency Music Curation & Affirmations
    • Middle Message Mentoring: Discover the Wisdom of the Middle World (Great for Those Who Have Trouble Recalling Their Dreams)
    • Each Session Includes Oracle Card Guidance Reading
  • 3 Custom Dream Integration Audio Meditations: Based on Dreams of Your Choice, Created Exclusively by Me, for Your Ears Only, Listen at Your Leisure to Harness Your Dream's Transformative Power.


  • Access to the Women’s Guide To Dream Decoding With The DreamMirror™ Method Course ($75 value)

Space is limited to 4 women per month!

Monthly Installments Available Upon Request.

US residents can pay over 6 or 12 months through Afterpay!

Women's Dream Empowerment Program

90 Days to Spiritual Transformation!

Space is limited to 4 women per month!

Investment: $3750 $3333 Until 12/21/23



"Megan is very knowledgeable about dream language and symbology, and was able to guide me through the interpretation of my dream so that I understood more about what was going on in my deep unconscious. I found it very revealing and helpful, and I feel like it gave me a key to my own healing and well being. Thank you Megan!"


“I learned a lot about dreams from having my dream analysis with Megan. It gave me a deeper understanding of how my dreams are my subconscious playing out and that there’s a deeper message for me when I look at it as metaphors for my psyche. I’m going to pay closer attention to my dreams from now on, thanks Megan!”

Self-Paced Online Dream Courses

Women's Guide To Dream Decoding With The DreamMirror™ Method

Harness the transformative power of your dreams and learn the steps you can take each day to connect with your higher self and finally listen to the inner guidance your dreams have to offer in less than 10 minutes per day!

$75 USD

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Dream Analysis for Women Spiritual Providers Mini-Course

Are you a female life coach, healer, shaman, reiki master, meditation coach, hypnotherapist, spiritual guide, astrologer, psychic, medium or other type of conscious soulpreneur or "woo" business owner?

With this mini-course, you can start your journey to becoming a licensed DreamMirror™ Method practitioner.

Learn the fundamentals and gain the skills needed to be considered for the upcoming program set to launch in 2024.

Take the first step today!

$99 USD

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1:1 Dream Sessions

One Hour Dream Session

$99 USD

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Dream Decoding Course & 60 Minute Dream Session

$174 $166 USD

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